Case study

With years' success experience with our customers, here we would like to share some typcial solutions with you, we hope you find these information helpful.  For any further assistance, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or your account manager.

Here is an example for your reference:

Work Out Your Savings!
Fluorescent Tube Philips Master TL-D 36W/830
SinoStar LED Tube T8-120-16W
Lamp wattage + Ballast (W) 40 16
Mercury Content (mg) 6.00 0.00
Lamp Life (hours) 8000 30000
Average lamp price with Ballast $3.00 $13.00
Lamp replacement costs $2.00 $0.00
Lamp costs/year $2,463.75 $2,847.00
Energy costs/year $28,908.00 $11,563.20
Maintenance costs/year $1,642.50 $0.00
Total costs per year $33,014.25 $14,410.20
Electricity consumption (kWh) 262800 105120
CO2 emissions/year (lbs/yr) 352415 140966
Savings per year 18,604
Payback (ROI) period (year) 1.05
Energy saving up to ( %)  60.00
Savings on CO2 (tons/yr) 106
Reducting use (trees/yr) 7993
Savings on mercury (mg/yr) 4928
Number of lamps replaced (pcs) 1500
Burning hours per year (hours) 4380
Local energy cost rate (per kWh) 0.11