Solar All-in-one street light SLI

Solar All-in-one street light SLI

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SinoStar Lighting SLI all-in-one solar street light series (10W, 13W, 20W) that integrated high efficient LED light source, last lasting solar photovoltaic panel, long life durable lithium-ion battery, a smart charging controller with dimmable lighting control system as well as PIR sensor. 

The compact, integrated fixture delivers sustainable lighting for locations where no electricity grid or lighting infrastructure is accessible. Available in 10W, 13W and 20W based on the pole height/installing conditions, the LED light yields an industry-leading efficacy of 160 lumens per watt, offering maximized energy harvest from the solar panel. UV resistant, impact resistant optics are sealed to the LED assembly to shape the light output, maximizing efficiency and application spacing.

The engineering ABS plastic housing delivers outstanding ultra durable and rigid structure in a low profile footprint design. The monocrystalline-silicon panel features a conversion efficiency as high as 18%. The high capacity lithium-ion batteries are optimized for repeated cyclic operations and with detachable doors for grading and easy maintenance.  A smart and intelligent charging controller protects the battery from being overcharged, overload and deep discharge.

With a dusk-to-dawn automatic lighting controller and PIR motion sensor, intelligent operating profiles can be programmed for maximum energy efficiency and up to 5 days of energy reserve. The completely self-contained luminaire offers IP66 weather protection.

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